Group Press Marketing Services has a proven record of delivering business strategy recommendations, counsel, and implementation of marketing initiatives that clients conclude are clear and strategically excellent. Working together, we will have considered options, gathered important information and you will be confident to take action regarding your customers and employee priorities. You will leverage your time and ensure high quality results by adding our strategic thinking, our marketing or market research to your teams’ efforts and achievements.

We work for those very satisfying moments when, working together, our clients gain some new useful insight, increase effectiveness, sharpen focus, build awareness, improve market share, increase customer or employee satisfaction, or deliver more sales results.

Group Press marketing plan is a structured approach for supporting your business plan. It describes exactly what you will do to market to customers, prospects and influencers. It describes how you will satisfy your customers’ needs with your services and products and outlines how you will reach and persuade them about your brand advantages. The marketing plan can be quite short as long as it includes clear objectives and how you’re going to achieve them.

Group Press Marketing Services can help you update or improve your existing marketing plan or write one for a new product or help you with an initiative you have insufficient time or people power to manage as effectively as you want.

A marketing plan from Group Press Marketing Services helps you define priorities, set realistic and measurable goals, clarify what you intend to use as a measure of success and includes budgets and action plans, timing and how you are assigning responsibilities.

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